my first Half Marathon

21 02 2011

Wellington put on a stunner of day yesterday for the Round the Bays Half Marathon! Its weather is its best kept secret! It was a cloudless, windless day in the capital, with temperatures reaching 23 degrees. I had never entered a fun run of any description before. In fact the last organised run i went on would have been way back in 4th form, that was aroundabout 13 years ago now, so it was all rather new for me. I’ve never run anything close to the half marathon distance of 21.1km, actually i’d never run over 10km before so it was going to be interested to see what would happen!

The course for the half marathon is great. My only wee concern about it beforehand was that if it was windy it could be pretty tricky because we were running around the harbour. But as I said it was a windless day so conditions couldn’t have been more perfect.

Course Map

I started off pretty slowly. A piece of advice I was given before the run was to pace myself so that I ran the second half faster than the first. Good advice but because I hadn’t run that sort of distance before I didn’t know what state I’d be in for the second half! So with me I had my iPod, my new Timex Ironman Triathlon watch I bought at Hong Kong airport and two muesli bars (so I could stop for a picnic along the way if I got tired). Everything went really well to start with. I got to the 10km mark and was feeling really good. There were water and sports drink stations every 3km and I fueled up at them all. I got to the turn around point at Point Gordon and was still feeling ok. I decided to up the pace a little bit and it all became psychological from then on. My legs started to feel really heavy and everything was screaming at me just to stop and walk a little bit. At the last drinks station with about 3km to go I let myself walk for 10 seconds, probably a bad move because it was so hard to start running again! It was all I could do to keep going without walking. My run turned into more of a shuffle. But i made it across the finish line with a time of 1 HOUR 54 MINUTES 1 SECOND!!!

I was totally stoked with my time. I’m totally sore all over today though…… Bring on the next one!




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