the Run

17 01 2011

For some reason the run is the one discipline that I feel the most confident about. I guess its the one discipline that doesn’t scare me. Swimming you have cramp and exhaustion to worry about, biking you have bonking and mechanical issues to deal with but in running its just you and the trail in front of you.

I’m pretty stoked with my running progress so far. One of the group runs I did back in November was a 5km time trial. There were six of us running, almost every one of them having completed some sort of half marathon or other such running event. Then there was me, not having done any running at all of any note in the past – in fact it was probably my second or third run in as many years. My time was 23 minutes 12 seconds and I was stoked. I started off trying to keep up with everyone but then soon realised I couldn’t sustain the pace. I backed off, then at the halfway mark once I realised that I could up it a bit I sped up and ended up overtaking a couple of people. It was a good feeling finishing strong.

The run section of the Taupo Half Ironman is a two lap course right alongside the lake. I’m looking forward to it. I even fancy my chances in the run against my uncle and cousin who are also taking part.

One piece of advice a triathlon coach told me when I told him I was contemplating the Taupo Half Ironman was to train first of all for a half marathon and then for a full marathon. So the plan is to run the AMI Around the Bays half marathon in February and then the Armstrong Motor Group Marathon in June. Wish me luck!!




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