its Freaking me out!

11 01 2011

Sharks. Sharks. Sharks. Great whites. Hammerheads. The 8th most deadly shark to man lurking around Wellington Harbour.

There have been several articles recently in the local rag raising the issue of sharks infiltrating our peaceful waters.

The first article was to do with warmer sea temperatures being the reason for earlier than usual shark sightings. Apparently each summer in New Zealand there are about “two bites” occurring that usually only result in minor injuries to hands and feet. The experts reckon that most of the shark species swimming around New Zealand bays and harbours don’t want to go after humans as ‘food’ but just take a wee nip to satisfy their curiosity have a taste to find out what we are.

The articles that have concerned me more are the ones to do with specific sharks that have been sighted in and around Wellington Harbour. The first one I have touched on in a previous post. That was the 2.6m long Great White shark two fisherman found trapped in their nets. The next article was about a shark that was spotted at Lyall Bay forcing the beach to be closed as a precaution. The most recent article was in today’s paper and talked about a 2.5m long hammerhead shark that was found 1km away from Scorching Bay. Scorching Bay is where the triathlons I was planning to take part in are held!! Hammerhead sharks are the 8th most deadly sharks to man!! A city council spokesman said “They don’t appear to be that interested in coming in to shore to eat people.” That made feel so much more at ease.

Hammerhead Sharks - Eerie

According to NIWA the sharks lurking around New Zealand waters are in more danger than the swimmers they scare. Apparently a type of shark called the Rig Shark is super common here, but also super common on fish and chip shop menus!

Yum! Just needs some T Sauce.

And in other news I went for a 5km run this evening after work. It was a beautiful evening, the sun was out, not much wind, perfect day for a swim in the harbour with the sharks. But more importantly I smashed 50 seconds off my best time! Pretty stoked. I did it in 22 minutes 24 seconds.




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