the Ride

10 01 2011

I’m a bit worried about the ride. Although it’s the one discipline I have done the most of I’m not fast enough. I will lose a lot of time on the bike.

So for my bike benchmark – my fastest ride up Makara Hill was 12 minutes 32 seconds. That was way back in March, 2010 at the Hospi Charity Bike Ride.

Riding the road between Reporoa and Taupo at the 100k Flyer Funride

The bike leg of the Taupo Half Ironman is an out and back course from transition at the Events Centre to Reporoa and back. I’ve ridden the road before from Reporoa to Taupo on the 100k Flyer in March last year. In that ride I learnt that I needed to pace myself, going out too fast at the start and not having the legs to finish strongly.

Watching the 2010 Taupo Half Ironman there was one main concern for all of the riders during the bike leg – wind. Although the wind is an uncontrollable factor it is worth thinking about and can be overcome by your position on the bike through the use of an aerobar. My bike is an endurance road bike which means that I have a more upright riding position compared to a road racing bike or a triathlon or time-trial bike. Maybe I need to go shopping for an aerobar!

The other important factor on the bike leg is nutrition. It is much easier to eat and drink on the bike than it is when you’re swimming or running. Have you ever tried drinking out of a paper cup while going through a feeding station at an event? Pretty tricky stuff.

And now I’d just like to say a big congrats to Hayden Roulston – the 2011 New Zealand Road Cycling Champion!




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