fancy a great white Nipping at your ankles?

5 10 2010

Today I went for a swim at Freyberg pool, hopefully the first of many trips to the pool. I was surprised at my total uselessness at swimming! In total I swam 250m, mostly free-style. My problem was my breathing – I couldn’t coordinate breathing out while my head was underwater and breathing in while my head was turned out of the water. I sort of ended up breathing in and out with my head out of the water resulting in only a really short intake of breath. I felt really short of breath the whole time which wore me out totally. A lot of work is needed! I was also told that I’m all out of balance in the water – leaning to one side the whole time – oh dear!

In other news a great white shark was caught at Breaker Bay, just off Wellington’s South Coast! They reckon it was feeding on seals in the area. It was 3 years old and 2.6m long.

Peter Amitrano and Alfonso Basile with the Great White Shark they caught at Breaker Bay




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11 01 2011
its Freaking me out! « the drug pedaler

[…] that have been sighted in and around Wellington Harbour. The first one I have touched on in a previous post. That was the 2.6m long Great White shark two fisherman found trapped in their nets. The next […]

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