4 10 2010

Yesterday I went for two training rides. The first was about 75km with lots of hills, the second was about 20km, a slow spin around the bays. Today I woke up feeling sore!

I didn’t want to seize up so I decided to go for another easy ride around the bays just to loosen up the muscles. Thought I’d take the camera along as well.

Here we have a few snaps of Wellington on a lovely spring afternoon. Enjoy.

The view towards the CBD from Mt Crawford

The Obligatory Photo of the Monza

The Old Shelly Bay Military Base: Pre-WW2 it was a submarine mining depot, during WW2 it was a naval base, since WW2 it has been occupied by the RNZAF, eventually being taken over by the Maori Iwi Taranaki Whanui.

Mt Crawford Water Tank

Scorching Bay - home of the Scorching Triathlon Series of which I hope to take part in

Fishing at Burnham Wharf

Evans Bay Marina - who has ever seen Wellington so calm?!

Evans Bay Parade Cycle Lane - does that sign mean there is wine ahead??

Finally, here are three sculptures in the Meridian Wellington Wind Sculpture Series located on Cobham Drive. This a collection of wind-motivated sculpture that celebrates not only Wellington’s climate, buts its dynamism and creativity.

Akau Tangi - the lamenting sounds of wind in the bay

Urban Forest - an intriguing play on urban values in a very exposed and natural area – each stack of five cubes represents an urban tree, and the three trees make the forest

Zephyrometer - the dynamic mast-like structure graphically marks out the strength and direction of the prevailing wind with an elegant swaying motion




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