Red Devil Eyes

2 10 2010

Red Devil Eyes

Eyes are pretty important. I mean, vision is something most of us take for granted. But just imagine if there was this crazy problem some people have with their eyes where the pigment cells slough of the back of your iris and float around your aqueous humor. Then imagine if the pigment that was all floating around in your aqueous humor got all clogged up in your trabecular meshwork so that all the liquid in your eye couldn’t drain properly. Then imagine if the pressure in your eye increased because of all this build up of liquid. Then imagine if you started to lose your vision because the increased pressure started to cause permanent damage to your optic nerves. Doesn’t sound too flash hot huh?

A few years ago I was told I had this problem. I was told not to go running or take part in any form of impact sport because of the danger of a “pigment storm.” That actually sounds pretty cool doesn’t it? Pigment storms and trabecular meshworks and aqueous humor and all that. So since then I’ve had to be a bit careful. So imagine my surprise when upon my visit to the optometrist the other day I was told that she could find no evidence of pigment dispersion syndrome, a disease of which there is no cure and which does not “heal” all by itself. The pressure in each eye was normal, and my vision field test came back with perfectly normal results. Pretty good news! Me being the skeptic I am I have decided to see an ophthalmologist in a couple of weeks time for a third opinion. Fingers crossed!

So that’s the second lot of good news I have received in the last couple of weeks! First was the phantom horizontally impacted wisdom tooth that I don’t have because of my evolutionary advancement, and now my Pigment Dispersion Syndrome has miraculously disappeared! Good things come in threes so I wonder what’s going to happen next. Better pick up that Big Wednesday Lotto ticket this week I reckon…..

So once I confirm with my ophthalmologist in a couple of weeks time that the pigment in my eyes is firmly where it should be the world will once again by my oyster. So what to do? Well, I think I’ll take part in a triathlon. Swimming, biking and running. New Zealand has a great history and many heroes to look up to in this sport. Two of the heroes have to be Hamish Carter and Bevan Docherty. The Gold and Silver medal winners at the 2004 Athens Olympics – what an amazing day that was in New Zealand’s sporting history! Its spine-tingling stuff alright!

Bevan Docherty and Hamish Carter dominating in Athens. Sven Riederer from Sweden finished in third place.

Legends of the sport: Hamish Carter and Bevan Docherty

Bevan Docherty has been involved in some pretty amazing races in his time. Here I leave you with two:




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