i am more evolutionarily Superior than you are

23 09 2010

My oral surgeon told me I am evolutionarily more superior than most people. He was a bit of a dick though.

So I went to my dentist a couple of weeks ago. I had a mouth ulcer right at the back of my mouth, and next to that I had another really tender spot on my gum. I was thinking yup, its my wisdom tooth playing up. So I went to the dentist, who took an X-ray and sure enough he said “yup, its your wisdom tooth playing up.” So he referred me to an oral surgeon. I saw him this morning. Turned up, had another X-ray taken, waited for it to develop, sat in the chair while the surgeon took a look at my ulcer, and that was when he paid me that most flattering compliment: “You are evolutionarily superior to most people.” Wow, even though he was a bit of a dick that’s still quite a nice thing to say. Reason being, I’ve only got one wisdom tooth and its all good sitting where it is not bothering anybody. Most of you guys have wisdom teeth to help you chow down on foliage. I’m just streaks ahead evolutionarily. So what caused my toothache? What did my original dentist see in the first X-ray that had him so convinced that my wisdom tooth was playing up? All very good questions, must have been a trick of the light or X-rays or whatever. The best my oral surgeon could come up with was that I had a “traumatised mouth ulcer.”

This is an X-ray of teeth. Not my teeth, someone else's. Check out the crazy wisdom tooth.




3 responses

26 09 2010

Hahaha this is hilarious!! XD But I think one of my wisdom teeth actually didn’t look too different from the one in the crazy x-ray photo… runs in the family apparently!

3 10 2010

Oh yes it runs in the family … XDXD
ha ha ha

9 10 2010

Bet you still had to pay both the buggers top dollar! Always new you were evolutionarily superior – tall and skinny!

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