14 09 2010

I have to say I wasn’t totally thrilled at the prospect of another mountain bike race! The Cateye Moonride back in May was a new experience for me, and the bitter cold and overly aggressive riders sapped whatever enthusiasm I had for the event. That aside I really enjoyed the Day Night Thriller!

The Thriller started at 10am on the Saturday morning, and went through until 10pm that night. It was exactly the same set up as the Moonride, with your team of riders taking turns like a relay for the 12 hours.

There were a few dickheads on the track, trying to overtake at stupid spots and just generally being a bit too aggressive. I didn’t really bare the brunt of too much of it, but one of my team mates who was a bit slower was called a bitch and almost nudged off her bike, and another team mate who was a really fast rider ended up having to tell a couple of the aggressive ones to “bury their f&%#@^g heads in the mud!”

The track was a lot more fun than the Moonride. It felt more open, with there being more opportunities to pass which sort of took the pressure off a bit (for slower riders like me anyway – I didn’t feel like I was holding anyone up!). It also felt faster, with a better mix of fast flat bits and challenging uphill sections.

So the weather was great until about 6pm when it started to lightly drizzle. The heavens then decided to open up at around 8pm, turning the track into a great big muddy mess. Thankfully we had a really good tent to shelter under and a nice great big gas heater to take the chill out of our bones.

All in all a fun event, and something that I’d be keen to take part in again next year.




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29 10 2010
Wire Shelving :

gas heaters are great but due to the rising prices of petroleum, perhaps an electric heater might be a cheaper option’~:

30 10 2010

well possibly cheaper, but considering we were in a tent with near torrential rain the use of electricity could have been a bit fool-hardy

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