give ’em a taste of Kiwi

14 09 2010

The Road Cycling World Championships will take place next month in Melbourne, and New Zealand have arguably the strongest team we’ve ever sent!

So here we have it:
Elite men: Julian Dean, Hayden Roulston, Greg Henderson.
Time Trial: Gordon McCauley, Jeremy Vennell.

Elite women: Cath Cheatley, Linda Villumsen, Toni Bradshaw, Serena Sheridan, Emma Crum, Courteney Lowe.
Time trial: Melissa Holt, Linda Villumsen.

Under-23: Michael Vink, Jason Christie, George Bennett.

Good luck to them all!

This has sort of stirred a sense of nostalgia in me. Little old New Zealand taking on the world. We’re a country of 4 million people, but arguably we punch above our weight in many facets on the world stage, cycling being one of them.

And what better way to stir a bit of patriotism and pride but to watch a clip of New Zealand’s finest entertainer….




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