9 09 2010

Cycling is forever tainted, and the latest dope in world cycling comes from our own fair land, New Zealand. A 23 year old up and coming track cyclist, on his way to this year’s Commonwealth Games in Delhi, now with a career in tatters and his name added to the list of other disgraces such as Floyd Landis, Alexandre Vinokourov and Marco Pantani.

Adam Stewart racing at the NZ National Championships this year

Adam Stewart has been banned from all cycling for 2 years, with further calls to dish out a lifetime ban and to bring criminal proceedings against him.

Basically what he did was arrange for EPO and hCG to be sent to him at a P.O.Box in New Zealand. EPO being a blood booster to enhance performance, and hCG is used to disguise the blood to avoid detection of prohibited substances. The P.O.Box was apparently under a fictitious name, but the parcel was intercepted by New Zealand customs. Upon questioning he fully admits ordering the drugs, but totally denies using them at any point in his career. What a plonker!

Adam Stewart issued this statement through his lawyer: “I have not only let myself down but the people who mean the most to me, my family, friends, the sport and my team mates… I want to apologise deeply to them.”

The other members of the NZ Commonwealth Games team have been vigorously tested and thankfully have all come out clean. All the best to them in Delhi!




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