100k Flyer

9 04 2010

So I have my first race under my belt, the Avanti Rotorua to Taupo 100k Flyer. It was a really awesome experience.

Going into the event I was aiming for a sub 4 hour time. I was also secretly hoping to be competitive and possibly even beat my cousin. Turns out that these were pretty high hopes as the longest ride I had done prior to the Flyer was only 65km.

The race started off great. All the riders were split into groups of their estimated finishing time. My cousin and I decided to go for the 3 hour to 3 and a half hour group. These groups were set off in waves of about 500 riders at a time, with a total of around 4000 riders competing. Official race time wasn’t based on gun time, it was based on transponder time. I was feeling good to start with. There was a steady climb for the first 20km or so and I just went for it. Turns out I went too fast up those hills and would pay for it later. After this first 20km section the course turns into gentle rolling roads, with a steady climb to Taupo over the last 10km. The first thing for me that went wrong was that I decided to stop at the 50km relay change to top up with water, it was a warm day and I was getting through it. Turns out that the 50km relay change area wasn’t a water aid station!! Gutted! Anyway, I had to plod on to the 70km aid station and topped up. The service was great – I pulled up, was approached by a young girl who kindly took my two water bottles and topped them up for me and off I went – I didn’t even have to get off my bike! Now that’s service! The next thing that went wrong for me was the lack of bunches from that 70km mark. It was all long straight roads but no bunches, a big head wind and me with no energy left! Pretty tough stuff. I was reduced to about 15kmh the whole way back into Taupo. My final time: 4 hours 32 minutes 28 seconds. So i didn’t meet my goal of going under four hours, or of beating my cousin, but there will be plenty more opportunities of doing that soon!

So the big lesson from my first race: PACE YOURSELF!

Overall I had a great time. It was a really well run event with about 4000 cyclists competing! It has given me huge motivation to train hard for my next two big races in May. The first is the Cateye Moonride, which is a 24 hour mountain bike race in the Rotorua forest, and the second is the R4 90km Rotorua to Whakatane race. I’ll keep you posted!




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