Sign on the dotted line

8 02 2010

Cyclists in New Zealand are asking for a space of 1.5m to pass a cyclist to become law.

“1.5m is the only thing that stands between a cyclist and a serious crash. We need to drive home to motorists that cyclists are bearing all of the risks arising from a driver’s decisions and actions. 1.5m to survive unlocks many of the issues that need to be addressed to improve safety for cyclists. Passing 1.5m into law would result significant improvements for awareness, education, and behaviour for both cyclists and motorists. It would also result in improvements to infrastructure and future road planning and design that would benefit all road users” – BikeNZ CEO Kieran Turner.

I know what you’re going to say. How do you police it? How do we get motorists to understand what 1.5m looks like? But you’re missing the point. Its not really about the measurements, its about raising awareness so that city councils and motorists start thinking about the welfare of cyclists. Motorists don’t own the road. I myself both drive a car and ride a bike, I pay my car registration every 6 months or whatever it is, I deserve to feel safe on the road when I ride my bike providing I cycle in a sensible manner. Simple as that.

So, head over to the online petition now and have your say!




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