I just Love cycling

7 02 2010

Cyclists face the second highest risk of all road users of injury or death on our roads (motorcyclists face the highest).

The social cost of road crashes involving cyclists is $172 million per year.

Only 1% of cyclists, and 2.5% of the overall population ride to work. (2006 Census)

Crashes involving cyclists in NZ have been on the rise since 2004 (Ministry of Transport 2009).

Since 2000 there has been an 81% increase in recreational cycling (SPARC Activity Surveys 2007-2008).

Despite the growth of recreational cycling and the purchase of bikes, the average km’s cycled per week per person for transport has consistently dropped since 1989, from 2.4km to 1.3km in 2008. (Ministry of Transport 2008).

The number of cyclists killed or injured has been trending upwards since 2004, at a time when the total distance spent cycling as a means of transport has fallen, showing improving safety for cyclists should be a priority (Ministry of Transport 2008).

New spending as part of the National Land Transport Programme 2009-12 on cycling and walking facilities drops from $17.9 million in 2009/10, to $10.0 million and $10.6 million in the subsequent two years, despite an anticipated high demand for these funds from councils according to NZTA (National Land Transport Programme 2009-2012, NZTA).

(all information found on the Bike NZ website)




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