probably my Favourite part of new zealand

25 01 2010

Probably my favourite part of New Zealand, the place we’d go as a family every summer growing up. Summers in those days seemed to go on forever. Now it seems with work and other commitments that come with getting older its hard to get away even for a weekend. Well, the weekend just gone was Wellington Anniversary weekend, and considering I wasn’t working it was the perfect chance to get out of town and enjoy some sunshine. So i decided to go to probably my favourite part of New Zealand – Tairua, in the Coromandel.

Which way to go?

In a few weeks time, along with some of my family, I am going to be cycling the Central Otago Rail Trail. It has turned into a bit of a competition between those of us who are going. We've heard of everyone's preparation and we're all sort of competing to do one better than everyone else. For example, my dad has been going for regular training rides on the Waikato River trails around Hamilton so when I was in Hamilton a few weekends ago I decided to do the same trail. Also, my uncle has been going on regular training rides and even decided to cycle from Tairua (probably my favourite part of New Zealand) to Pauanui. Something none of my family has ever done before (its much easier to go on a 10 minute ferry boat ride than a 25km cycle or even car ride!). So I decided to cycle the same route, but not just from Tairua to Pauanui, oh no, I cycled from Tairua to Pauanui and then back to Tairua again, a grand total of 52.25km. Now I know what you're all thinking, its not all of us who are competing to out-train everyone else, its just me, and you're probably right. I guess its just my competitive streak coming out.

Here is probably my favourite part of New Zealand:

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And the stats:
Distance: 52.25km
Time: 3h7m12s
Average Speed: 16.7km/h
Max Speed: 57.2km/h

And a couple of pics:

Pauanui Wharf With Tairua Town on the Far Shore

Mt Paku, Tairua

Pauanui Beach

The Intrepid Cyclist




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