cat Fight

18 01 2010

I went out for my first ride today with my new toy. It was a great day in the capital, I was a bit disheartened though with being passed by a few riders who were managing to go a lot faster than me. Guess I just need to pick the training up!

So, the big cat fight.

Garmin vs Cateye

It seems as though the Cateye reads about 1km/h faster than the Garmin. Lots of factors are at play here however. Things like the speed that the signal is transmitted to each computer if I happened to be accelerating or decelerating at the time, and also somehow the Garmin unit automatically detects wheel size so there could be some inaccuracies there too.

All in all I am totally stoked with my purchase! A nice big screen with all the data visible all at once is great. And having the map on the screen as I ride is, although quite gimmicky, quite fun and useful. Oh and don’t worry – I didn’t have the heart rate monitor on!

One final thing. How awesome is Greg Henderson and Team Sky?!! It is really exciting having Henderson, Roulston and Dean doing so well at the top level of road cycling. It almost brought a tear to my eye watching Henderson take out the Cancer Council Helpline Classic in Adelaide, Australia. Big ups to him. And I don’t care what anyone else says, the Team Sky kit is great!




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