an Extravagance

17 01 2010

I’ve been a bit extravagant lately, hence my purchase of a brand new Garmin Edge 705 cycle computer! It does everything and records all the data you could ever need. Ascent and descent, bearing, cadence, calories, distance, ETA to destination, grade, heart rate, speed, time and more. Plus it is a GPS so I’ll never get lost and can upload courses for indications of how far to go and when I’m just about to get to the tricky steep parts!

Garmin Edge 705

Granted it is a whole lot more information than I would ever need or am ever likely to use, but I like the idea that I can record my progress and compare how well I am doing now to when I started this whole cycling caper in the first place. I am yet to ride with it, but I’ll let you know how it goes.

My first interesting experiment I am going to do is to compare it with my Cateye Velo 8. The Garmin is supposed to be super accurate using satellites to measure my speed and also I have the added component called the GSC 10 which is a wireless speed and cadence sensor, so it’ll be interesting to see how they compare. The Cateye Velo 8 is a fully wired cycle computer but only measures speed, distance and time. I’ll keep you posted in the next couple of days (Wellington’s weather willing).

Cadence and Speed Sensor

Something else I have been contemplating recently is which events I should enter in the upcoming months. It seems that March is going to be a busy one. The Giant R4 Rotorua to Whakatane Ride (90km) is on the 14th, the Kapiti Cycle Challenge (95km with 3 decent hills) is on the 21st and the 100k Flyer Rotorua to Taupo Ride (100km) is on the 27th. I want to do them all!

Onslow Tarbabies Jersey

I think that a prerequisite for me to enter these events is to become familiar with bunch riding which means I will have to join a club. I’ve got my eyes set on the Onslow Tarbabies who seem to have a good reputation. I like it on their website where they say “Riders of all skills levels are welcome to join us. However if you are looking for ultra competitive riding and racing, there are other groups that may suit your needs better.” They also run a group called the Development Squad which is geared towards newbie riders preparing them for bunch riding and the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge. Exciting times ahead!




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