Mai Tai anyone?

1 12 2009

Nelson is New Zealand’s second oldest city. It also rates consistently as New Zealand’s sunniest spot with over 2,500 sunshine hours per year (Wellington averages about 2,000). So I got back yesterday from a weekend away in Nelson, one of my favourite spots in New Zealand. As well as being a sunny spot, it is home to many vineyards and orchards which means lots of local produce that the locals transform into gastronomic delicacies and mouthwatering fare. A favourite spot of ours is the Seifried Winery, producing great wine and excellent food at their restaurant. Come to think of it I tried goat for the first time at the vineyard restaurant!

It was raining in Nelson when we arrived………..

Sunny Nelson

So much for my plans to go biking that afternoon. So what to do when it rains? Eat!

We shared an amazing meal at Sachi Sushi & Seafood bar. The lady on the table next to ours got out of her seat to have a closer look at our sashimi platter. Bit weird. What was also a bit weird was the green tea creme brulee. Still delicious though!

The next day was a scorcher.

The Nelson sun decides to come out

It starting with watching the All Blacks demolish the French in Marseille. Best game of the year I reckon.

The afternoon was spent biking in the Hira Forest. Its located in the Maitai Valley, about a 5km drive from Nelson itself. There are lots of forestry roads up into the hills, with fast trails leading the way down to the bottom again. The views at the top are quite amazing. We ended up biking to the top of a hill 506m above sea level, we reckon the start point was about 45m above sea level. Definitely a great workout!

The bottom of the hill, 450 vertical metres to go!

Hira Forest - the view from the Top!

The view towards Nelson

It was a great day all round. Pity about the sunburn…..

You can see the ride profile here:

View Interactive Map on




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