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4 11 2009

So I thought it was time for a little background. I’m no athlete. I’m nobody out to prove a point. I’m just your average guy starting something new.

The whole cycling thing all started through work I suppose. I am 25 years old and work as a pharmacist (hence the name of this blog) in Wellington, New Zealand. Karori Park in Wellington is a great place for fitness with a 1km running/walking circuit with various exercise stations dotted along the way. You’ve got your chin up bars, your cross trainers, all that sort of thing. So I started jogging after work several times a week. Just for fitness you know, I don’t need to lose weight – if anything I need to put on a few kilos! I’m about 178cm tall and I weigh 64kg – borderline underweight! The jogging was good fitness but boy was it boring!

That’s when the thought of cycling crossed my mind. I had a good mate who kept asking me to go out for a ride. Then during after-work drinks at the Quiet Lady on a Friday night my boss had the great idea of cycling around Lake Taupo, not this year in 2009, but November 2010 giving ourselves a year or so to train and prepare for it. A couple of weeks later and I splashed out on my very first road bike, and now I’m the proud owner of ‘the Monza,’ the rest is history.

Road cycling has opened up a whole new world to me. There is so much to enthuse about. You’ve got the excitement of planning new routes and measuring gradients and distances (I especially enjoy using to plan my routes – I’ll post a link to all the routes I discuss on here). Then there are the fancy cycling computers that measure your heart rate and your cadence and speeds and distances and times so you can track your progress. Then there’s all the fancy gear and bike componentry to be had – more money definitely means more speed in road cycling! Then there’s the thrill of riding in a group of cyclists, the hum of tyres on the tarmac, the sounds of gears shifting and camaraderie.

So the plan with cycling is to build a bit of fitness, to enjoy myself and meet some new people and to see some more of my beautiful country!

Here are just some of the rides I’m planning on taking part it:

15th-20th Feb 2010 – Otago Rail Trail – Middlemarch to Clyde 150km
14th March 2010 – Giant R4 – Rotorua to Whakatane 90km
27th March 2010 – 100k Flier – Rotorua to Taupo 100km
27th November 2010 – Taupo Cycle Challenge – Circumnavigation of Lake Taupo 160km




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